Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

If you are looking for the expertise to complete your next commercial project on time and to the highest standard, then you have come to the right place.

Comag’s priority is ensuring that our work ticks all the boxes of quality assurance and customer satisfaction, as well as maintaining excellent health and safety standards. We are dedicated to providing high quality service in all aspects of our work.

We are your plumbing specialists who can cater for a range of commercial projects – from a small workshop, right through to large supermarkets and multi-level apartment blocks.

Our large team of qualified plumbers and apprentices have the skills and knowledge to make your commercial plumbing project a breeze.

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Residential Plumbing

A house is not a home without fully functioning plumbing! And our team of expert master plumbers can ensure every aspect of your plumbing is running exactly as it should.

Whether you have a leaky tap, a plumbing emergency, or are looking to fit out the house of your dreams, we can help. No job is too big, or too small for our experienced plumbers.

Our team of 20 qualified plumbers and apprentices are on hand to service all of your plumbing needs. Our vehicles are equipped with state of the art GPS equipment so that we can dispatch the closest plumber to you in an emergency. Don’t worry, we have you covered in any eventuality!

We also specialise in new builds. Getting the foundations right is vital, so we tailor our services to your needs. Quality is important to us, so we use the latest technology and innovations to ensure your new home is the best it can be.

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Gas Water Heating

Gas is one of the most efficient ways to heat the water in your home or workplace. Not only is it more energy efficient, but it can save you money on heating costs and ensure you never run out of hot water again. That means no more cold showers!

Mains Pressure Continuous Flow systems are very popular with Matamata and Masterton locals like you due to their efficient, cost saving measures. These small wall-mounted units heat your water as you use it. Instead of constantly heating a full tank as outdated systems do, a Continuous Flow system only heats the amount of water required.

Wondering if gas is the right option at your place?


Have a look at just some of the benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water supplied to all taps
  • Compact Systems that free up storage space
  • Only heat the water you use – No more storage cylinders
  • Optional Temperature Controller
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installation

Comag’s enthusiastic team of 12 Gasfitters are experts in their field and will be able to advise on the best option for your needs. We are also Authorised Installers and Technicians for both Rheem and Rinnai, so you can be assured of quality service and premium technology.

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Storage Tanks

When it comes to water storage you want quality and you want long lasting. You don’t want to waste a precious drop of water. That is why we only supply the best in water storage tanks. And the best plumbers to install them.

We have the right solution for your situation. We supply a wide range of tanks from lightweight plastic to high strength concrete. Our tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the option of being fully buried or installed above ground.

Pumps & Filters

If you are looking for a quality pump or filter system then you are in the right place. We supply cartridge filters for your home water supply, ultraviolet purification systems for your tank water, right through to submerged pump systems.

Because everyone has different needs from a pump or a filter, Comag want to work with you for the perfect solution. That means we will assess your needs, then deliver and install an appropriate system within your budget.

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Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating could be the solution to your high energy bills. It is specifically designed to heat your water using only the sun’s powerful rays. The energy is gathered via solar panels, which then heats the water and stores it in your tank ready to be used.

Solar power is one of the most sustainable energy methods. It is a completely renewable energy source that generates energy for free. So not only is it kind to the environment, but it is kind to your pocket too!

We have a wide range of solar water heating systems available, including trusted brands like Solar Master and Rheem. Some systems even have the option of integrating with your wetback, or being boosted by your electric or gas fired water heater.

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Heat Pump Water Heating

If you are looking for a more energy efficient and cost effective way to heat the water in your home, then Heat Pump Water Heating could be the answer.

Heat pumps kind of work like a refrigerator in reverse. Using electricity, they move heat from one place to another instead of directly generating the heat in all places. This can mean they are 2 or 3 times more energy efficient than standard water heaters.

Comag are proud installers and agents of Econergy heat pump water heaters. These are NZ designed and built to suit local climate & weather conditions, meaning you get the best possible performance. They are easily retrofitted to almost all existing hot water cylinders and have a guaranteed 6 year performance warranty.

They offer a minimum of 66% savings compared to a traditional electric hot water cylinder and are fully supported by a New Zealand manufacturing facility.

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IQP Backflow Prevention

IQP Backflow Prevention is a pretty fancy term right? But it has a pretty important function to go with that fancy term. Backflow Prevention is what protects the water supplies of New Zealand from cross contamination of poisonous or infected water. And it is being enforced by the majority of territorial authorities throughout the New Zealand.

Comag Limited has three Independently Qualified Persons for testing Backflow Prevention Devices. So if your devices need testing, get in touch with our expert team.

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