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We have teams servicing the Waikato and Wairarapa offering a wide range of services, including Plumbing,   DrainlayingRoofing and Gasfitting – for new or existing commercial and residential properties.
We love to get invovled in great projects in our community. Comag Ltd is an established plumbling, roofing, drainlaying, heating and gasfitting company with a proud history. The team at Comag always remain true to their word. Always providing top quality residentical and commerical projects. It is pretty impressive what the team has achieved over the years. Take a moment to see what we can do.
  • Qualified tradesmen with over 40 years experience
  • Member of the NZ Master Plumbers Association
  • 25 Vehicles operating throughout the region
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Competitive rates on all services


The Avantidrome in Cambridge is a fully enclosed indoor Velodrome with a world class 250m cycle track. The arena spans a massive 77m across, 120m long and stands the equivalent of a 6 storey building at its highest point. Excluding the administration building. It is the national hub for Home of Cycling New Zealand with High Performance New Zealand offices located in the administration building as well. This world class facility has enough seating to cater for 1500 people and up to 4000 for major events. With one 500L , two 300L and 0ne 180L electric hot water cylinders supplying feeds to a commercial kitchen, 8 kitchenettes, five toilet blocks with 37 toilets, 32 wash hand basinsand 14 showers. This was a great project for Comag to complete with Livingstone Builders. We started with laying our first pipes in the ground in December of 2012 and were there until completion in February of 2014. The Avantidrome was officially opened on the 12th of April 2014 by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Thames Event Centre

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Project 3

Comag has an enthusiastic team of Twelve Gasfitters Including Two Certifying, Five Licenced & Five Apprentices. The majority of our work includes LPG installations for water heaters in the Matamata district – but extends far and wide as gas water heating is becoming a very popular option, especially with clients wanting to change from outdated ‘Low Pressure Systems’ to Mains Pressure Continuous Flow.   Mains Pressure Continuous Flow is very popular with clients wanting a better shower. Benefits Include: •    Energy Efficiency •    Mains Pressure Hot Water to all taps •    Compact Systems – Free up Cupboard space •    Only heat the water you use – No more storage cylinders •    Optional Temperature Controller •    Indoor & Outdoor Installation
Gas Fired Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders Benefits Include: •    High Energy Efficiency •    Mains Pressure Hot Water to all taps •    High Flow Rates – For large installations •    Some models do not need power for ignition •    Indoor & Outdoor Installation Call our team to discuss which option is best suited for you. Comag Limited are Authorised installers & Technicians for both major suppliers in New Zealand – check out their websites: www.rheem.co.nz         www.rinnai.co.nz

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Comag can supply and install a wide range of storage tanks, from Light Weight Plastic to High Strength Concrete. Tanks can be supplied in various shapes and sizes, with the option of fully buried, or above ground install. Contact us for any tank enquiries.

From Ultraviolet Sterilisers to Cartridge filters, Iron Removers, Submersible to Centrifugal Pumps Comag can supply and install any pump or filter system designed to suit your specification. Or we can research your needs, and design and install a system on time and within your budget. Check out our supplier’s page or contact Comag to discuss your job.   

Project 5

Comag Supply & Install a range of Solar Systems Including Solar Master & Rheem.

Solar hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat water. Water is circulated through a solar panel, which is mounted on your roof, and is either pumped or by natural means moved up or down to a storage cylinder ready for you to use. Solar energy can provide up to 65% of your hot water requirement over an annual period.

Some systems have the options of integrating with your wetback or being boosted electric or gas fired water heater.

Call our team to discuss which option is best suited for you.

Comag Limited is Authorised Installers & Technicians for all major suppliers in New Zealand.

Check out our suppliers page.

Project 6

Comag Limited is proud installers and agents of Econergy heat pump water heaters. These are NZ designed and built to suit local climate & weather conditions to give you the best possible performance, Easily retrofitted to almost all existing hot water cylinders with a minimum water supply pressure of 50kpa. Guaranteed 6 year performance warrantee with a minimum of 66% savings compared to a traditional electric hot water cylinder, fully supported by a New Zealand manufacturing facility.

Project 7

Backflow Prevention is being enforced by the majority of territorial authorities throughout the New Zealand. Backflow Prevention is what protects the water supplies of New Zealand from cross contamination of poisonous or infected water. Comag Limited has three Independently Qualified Persons for testing of Backflow Prevention Devices. Contact us to have your devices tested.

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At Comag we take pride in supporting our local community.


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